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Mortification and Monasticism

(An excerpt from Murtada Mutahhari, THE ISSUE OF HIJAB, pp. 23-33. Paperback available HERE.) Causes of Man’s Inclination toward Monasticism The connection of the issue of covering with the philosophy of mortification and monasticism is thus explained that the woman is the greatest source of man’s pleasure and delight, and if a man and a woman interact and are attracted to each other, they will consciously or unconsciously seek for such pleasure and delight. In order to keep the atmosphere
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Why Hijab and Mental Health?

The issue of ḥijāb has been studied and investigated from various dimensions, and many books and articles have been written in this regard, but the psychological dimension of ḥijāb and its psychological effect upon the woman herself have been given less attention. By examining the role of ḥijāb in mental health, this research attempts to make a small step in addressing this need and to provide the teachers and cultural workers of society a new insight on the psychological effect
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