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Mutahhari’s Replies to 5 Critiques on ‘The Issue of Hijab’

Text, page 382 Does Islam advocate women behind the veil, just as the word ḥijāb means “covering”? Or, does Islam advocate woman to cover her body in front of a stranger man without forcing her not to attend a gathering? And concerning the second case, what is the extent of the covering? Should the face and two hands up to the wrist be covered as well? Or, is it that the head and the two arms must be covered while
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Why Hijab and Mental Health?

The issue of ḥijāb has been studied and investigated from various dimensions, and many books and articles have been written in this regard, but the psychological dimension of ḥijāb and its psychological effect upon the woman herself have been given less attention. By examining the role of ḥijāb in mental health, this research attempts to make a small step in addressing this need and to provide the teachers and cultural workers of society a new insight on the psychological effect
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The Natural and the Moral Action

Now, in general, what is akhlāq or, in the expression of the Noble Messenger, akhlāq mukarramatī? From where should we begin? We have said that we shall begin from the admitted opinions and indisputable facts. For the meanwhile, we are not concerned with doubtful issues which one school of thought may regard as ‘moral’ while another school of thought may not regard the same as ‘moral’. What is certain is that most of the human actions are natural actions and
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