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Points to be Avoided on the Metaphor in the Qur’an

There are points to be avoided on the use of words on the metaphorical meanings of the Noble Qur’an: Metaphor-mongering undermines the Qur’an’s authority because as metaphor-mongering exists in a speech, what is meant by the speaker becomes ambiguous and unknown, and the speech relinquishes its definitiveness and certainty and will be subject to doubt and skepticism from among different meanings. And in this case, not only that it will not definitely be in use but also cause astonishment and
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The Concept of Tahrif and Its Types

Taḥrīf, which appears in lexicon to mean to floss out, distort and change a word or speech from its original condition, shape or state,[1] is a deliberate and volitional activity done by the proponents of falsehood against those of the truth. It is done in two ways, viz. taḥrīf in the structure of speech (verbal taḥrīf) and taḥrīf in the content of speech (substantial taḥrīf). Taḥrīf in the Structure of Speech or Verbal Taḥrīf. This has three forms, viz. distortion
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