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Clarify Your Book Writing Goal

Book Writing Post #3 For a successful implementation of a project such as writing a book, the first thing we need to do is to clarify our goal.  I do this by clarifying the following items: 1. Goal setting 2. Goal visualization 3. Planning (road-mapping and marking of milestones) 4. Implementation (weekly) 5. Evaluation (monthly) Let’s tackle these items one by one: 1. Goal setting For the book, HOW TO SHARI’AH-COMPLIANTLY INVEST IN THE PHILIPPINE STOCK MARKET, which I have
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Ibn Khaldun’s Theory on Pandemic

As the author of the Persian book I’m currently translating mentions a section in Ibn Khaldun’s “Al-Muqaddimah,” I checked both the original “Al-Muqaddimah” in Arabic and its English rendition by Franz Rosenthal ( for verification and knowing the context. Also known as “Al-Muqaddimatu Ibn Khaldūn” (Ibn Khaldūn’s Prolegomena), “Al-Muqaddimah”  is a book written by the Arab polymath Ibn Khaldun ( in 1377 which records an early view of universal history, and intended as the introduction chapter and the first book
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