Which Title Do You Want to Read First This Year?

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Al-hamdulillah, as shown in MindaNews’ latest report on 2022 Mindanao books (https://www.mindanews.com/top-stories/2023/01/mindanao-2022-at-least-50-mindanao-books-published-19-more-than-2021-harvest), ElziStyle Bookshop tops the list of indie publishers for having the most number of published titles (8 books) in 2022.

Now, below are the 4 titles in the pipeline of 2023-24 translation projects:

* Murtada Mutahhari, HAJJ (Hajj: A Philosophical Exposition)

* Murtada Mutahhari, NAZARI BEH NIZAM-e IQTISADI-ye ISLAMI (A Glance at the Islamic Economic System)

* Murtada Mutahhari, ISLAM WA NIYAZ-HA-ye ZAMAN (Islam and the Exigencies of Time), Volumes 1-2

* Murtada Mutahhari, FALSAFEH-ye TARIKH (Philosophy of History), Volumes 1-4

Let me know which of these titles you want to read first this year.

Just type in the comment below:

A for Hajj: A Philosophical Exposition

B for A Glance at the Islamic Economic System

C for Islam and the Exigencies of Time, Volumes 1-2

D for Philosophy of History, Volumes 1-4

Thanks for your feedback!

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