Books to Translate This Year (2023)

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After getting feedback from you, my dear friends, readers, or members of the ElziStyle Books Family, last 2 weeks and for which I’m truly grateful, here will be the next books to translate:

* Murtada Mutahhari, ISLAM WA NIYAZ-HA-ye ZAMAN (Islam and the Exigencies of Time), Volumes 1-2

Of the 4 titles, it earned the greatest number of suggestions – 50%.

My target is to finish translating the 1st volume in less than 4 months; that is, from February 20-March 20, and to be resumed in the last 10 days of April until June 30, in sha’ Allah.

(Don’t count the last 10 days of March and the first 20 days of April as within which shall fall the fasting month of Ramadan, in which and in every Friday morning for the past 2 years, I have a distinct major translation project, which I will reveal in due time, in sha’ Allah.)

Thereafter, I will translate the 2nd volume in the succeeding 3 months; that is, from July to September.

* Murtada Mutahhari, NAZARI BEH NIZAM-e IQTISADI-ye ISLAMI (A Glance at the Islamic Economic System)

This title has obtained 25% or the next highest number of suggestions or wishes to be read first.

My objective is to finish translating it in the last quarter of the year (October-December), in sha’ Allah.

In the Name of the Lord of the Pen (bismillahi rabbi’l-qalam)!

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