My 2nd Quarter of 2022 as a Self-published Author and Translator

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At the end of the first quarter, I mentioned the following as my targets for the 2nd Quarter (April-June 2022) as a self-published author and translator:

1. To distribute at least 30 written and translation books online and offline (3 more titles compared to the previous quarter),

2. To locally publish at least 3 more books (compared to only 1 title during the previous quarter), and 

3. To finish the current book project and publish it. 

Let’s see what actually happened: 

1. 31 Books Published and Distributed Online and Offline

At least 31 of my written and translation works are published in both paperback and eBook and distributed online via ElziStyle online shop (, Amazon, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, and Lazada, as well as offline via ElziStyle brick-and-mortar bookshop. 

Out of this number, 12 titles are top-sellers so far:

* ‘mBayuka Tanu! Maguindanaon Bayuk Transcription, Translation, and Annotation by Mansoor Limba, 

* Fitrah: Man’s Natural Disposition by Shahid Murtada Mutahhari, 

* Philosophy of Ethics by Shahid Murtada Mutahhari, 

* Misbah al-Shari‘ah: A Commentary on “The Lantern of the Path” (Misbah al-Shari‘ah) Attributed to Imam Ja‘far al-Sadiq (‘a) by ‘Allamah Hasan Mustafawi,

* Risalah Liqa’ Allah: A Treatise on the Stages of Mystical Wayfaring toward the Station of Beatific Vision by ‘Allamah Hasan Mustafawi,

* Risalah Ma‘rifat Allah: An Exposition of Imam ‘Ali ibn Musa al-Rida’s (‘a) Sermon on the Gnosis of Allah by ‘Allamah Hasan Mustafawi,

* Esoteric Traditions: An Exposition of Imam Musa ibn Ja‘far al-Kazim’s (‘a) Mystical and Philosophical Traditions by ‘Allamah Hasan Mustafawi,

* Risalah Sayr wa Suluk: An Exposition of Sayyid Bahr al-‘Ulum’s Treatise on Mystical Wayfaring by ‘Allamah Hasan Mustafawi,

* Imam al-Rida’s (‘a) Esoteric Traditions: An Exposition of Selected Traditions from ‘Uyun Akhbar al-Rida by ‘Allamah Hasan Mustafawi,

* An Introduction to the Sciences of the Qur’an by Muhammad Hadi Ma’rifat,

* Discursive Theology Volume 1 by ‘Ali Rabbani Gulpaygani,

* Discursive Theology Volume 2 by ‘Ali Rabbani Gulpaygani,

2. 3 Books Newly Published Locally

We succeeded in our target of publishing at least 3 titles: 

  • Philosophy of Ethics (April 2022)
  • Fitrah: Man’s Natural Disposition (May 2022)
  • Radical Democracy in the Time of Duterte (June 2022) by Dr. Christopher Ryan Maboloc,
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3. Current Book Project

We aimed to finish the current book project – HOW TO SHARI’AH-COMPLIANTLY INVEST IN THE PHILIPPINE STOCK MARKET – and publish it this month (July 2022). 

It is in this target that I failed. As alluded to in a separate post, these are the contributory factors for the said failure:

* My frequent travels during the month of May,

* Taking up a one-week advance course on technical analysis (stocks, funds, and investments), and

* Rendering publishing services (book cover designing, typesetting, editing, and proofreading) to the book, “Radical Democracy in the Time of Duterte”.

Some Extras

Be that as it may, here are some other things we were able to do or achieve:


* Contributing a book chapter – BELONGING AND OTHERING: THE MOBILIZATION AND CONTESTATION OF THE SHARI’AH IN THE BANGSAMORO LAW SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS – in the recently published “Transfiguring Mindanao: A Mindanao Reader” (Ateneo de Manila University, June 2022)

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* To be selected as one of the awardees in the 13th Farabi International Award (2022) in Humanities and Islamic Studies

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For this 3rd Quarter (July 2022), the following will be our targets:

* To distribute at least 33 written and translation books online and offline,

* To locally publish at least 3 more books, and 

* To finish the current book project (which was due supposedly last month of June) and publish it.  

Bismillahi rabbi’l-qalam! (In the Name of the Lord of the Pen!)

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