Virtual Book Launch of ‘mBayuka Tanu!

Mansoor Limba, “‘mBayuka Tanu! Maguindanaon Bayuk Transcription, Translation, and Annotation,” (ElziStyle Bookshop, 2022).


1. 30% Discount (value = P150)

2. Bookmark (value = P20)

3. Autographed copy upon request (value = priceless, unquantifiable)

4. Digital copy of the book’s first 50 pages (value = priceless, unquantifiable)

5. Inclusion in ElziStyle Books Family (value = priceless, unquantifiable)

6. FREE membership in ElziStyle Book Writing Club (value = P10,000)

Total Value = P10,520 + 3 priceless, unqualifiable items

Is it fair enough?

YES, it’s more than enough!

7. 100% Money-back Guarantee (value = P350)

Yes, you heard it right! After purchasing, you realized within 30 days of purchase that you don’t like the book for whatever reason, then just let me know.

I will give you a 100% refund! P350 will be yours while you can keep your copy!

* No question to be asked

* No explanation needed

* No judgment to be made

Paperback via Lazada: 

P350 P500

Paperback via Amazon: 

US$5.99 (barely covering the printing cost)

eBook via ElziStyle: 

US$5 (P250)

If you have:

* Any questions such as other ways of getting copies of the book especially if you’re there in Cotabato City, or

* Any requests such as an autographed copy of the book, just leave a comment in the Comment Section below.

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