Books Available Now in Paperback!

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Salamun ‘alaykum!

Yes, I know…

It’s been a while… since last August, to be exact…

No news from me ๐Ÿ™

After translating and publishing “Replies to Critiques of the Book ‘The Issue of Hijab’“, I had been engaged – in addition to my university teaching job – in writing a book on oral cultural heritage conservation (Maguindanaon bayuk) and another one on Shari’ah-compliant investing in the Philippines stock market. (The first title is expected to be published next month, insha’ Allah.)

Thereafter, in response to many requests I had been receiving from readers here and abroad to have the books in printed form, I’m glad to inform you that our books are finally available in paperback!

Here’s the LINK to our books in paperback:

Grab a copy of your favorite titles now!

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