Better Late Than Never

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Let me confess to you something.

As I was really, really engrossed with preparing the draft of my forthcoming book, ‘MBAYUKA TANU! to be sent to the reviewers, I totally didn’t find time to make this announcement yesterday (February 1 – World Hijab Day).

Here is it:

This book, REPLIES TO CRITIQUES OF THE BOOK ‘THE ISSUE OF HIJAB’ by Shahid Murtada Mutahhari,

which is worth $9.99 in paperback ( you can now get its digital copy for…


Yes, for FREE!

You can get your FREE copy of the book here:

After clicking the link above, click “Add to cart” which you can see below the video.

Then, just type this coupon: hijabgift2u

Remember, this GIFT offer will be open until tomorrow ONLY.

Enjoy reading!

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