Risalah Sayr wa Suluk


‘Allamah Hasan Mustafawi, “Risalah Sayr wa Suluk: An Exposition of Sayyid Bahr al-‘Ulum’s Treatise on Mystical Wayfaring,” trans. Mansoor Limba (, 2020) 182 pages, published and available now!

This book is ‘Allamah Hasan Mustafawi’s exposition of the known treatise on mystical wayfaring (Risaleh-ye Sayr wa Suluk) widely attributed to Sayyid Mahdi Bahr al-Ulum al-Burujirdi al-Najafi (died 1212 AH/1797-98). Though concise, this book has made clear all stages and stations of mystical wayfaring and the degrees of perfection of the human soul in the best and most comprehensive mode of expression and substantiated by holy Qur’anic verses, noble traditions (aḥādīth), and rational proofs.

As ‘Allamah Mustafawi describes, “This noble treatise, which in my manuscript is entitled Tuhfat al-Muluk fī ’s-Sayr wa ’s-Suluk and in other manuscripts as Risalah fi ’s-Sayr wa ’s-Suluk, has been one of the best books ever written in the field of mystical wayfaring, and the purification and refinement of the soul. In fact, this nondescript has not yet come across another book on this subject that is as firm, indisputable, accurate, and comprehensive as this treatise.”

The eminent author has elaborated and elucidated this treatise, which if meticulously and enthusiastically studied and examined, it is clear that apart from tactfully explaining the concepts and subjects of the esteemed Sayyid, he has also independently stated many divine fundamentals, principles, truths, and knowledge according to his enlightened viewpoint within the framework of the book’s exposition—fundamentals and concepts that bespeak of this noble man’s unique cognizance and mastery of mystical wayfaring (sayr wa sulūk).


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