Replies to Critiques of the Book The Issue of Hijab

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The present book contains the critiques of one of the scholars on the book, The Issue of ijāb, by the martyred thinker Professor Murtaḍā Muṭahharī, and the professor’s answers to those critiques.

As background, in 1349 AHS (1970), one of the scholars, at the margins of a copy of the third edition of this book, put into writing his critical comments and gave them the martyred professor, who in turn, also wrote his answers below those criticisms. Since these critiques and answers were also beneficial and useful for the public, it was henceforth published.

In addition to revealing the jurisprudential method of the professor to some extent, studying this book shows how the martyred master who, on one hand, fought against the imperialist thesis, “Islam minus the clergy” to the extent of sacrificing his own life along this path, and on the other hand, dealt with [intellectual] rigidity and petrification [in his own midst]; and this is only possible due to the multidimensionality of his character and following the straight path of Islam, which is inevitably incompatible with various deviations.


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