Esoteric Traditions


‘Allamah Hasan Mustafawi, “Esoteric Traditions: An Exposition of Imam Musa ibn Ja‘far al-Kazim’s (‘a) Mystical and Philosophical Traditions,” trans. Mansoor Limba (, 2020) 147 pages, published and available now!

This treatise is an exposition of Imam Musa ibn Ja‘far al-Kazim’s (‘a) selected mystical and philosophical traditions (ahadith) through the blessed pen of His Eminence ‘Allamah Hasan Mustafawi, who was himself a man of divine gnosis and mystical knowledge. As part of his signature style, after giving commentary on some aspects of Imam al-Kazim’s (‘a) life experience, ‘Allamah Mustafawi embarks on a profound exposition of selected traditions in 25 sections.

This exposition encompasses a wide array of mystical and philosophical subjects that include:

  • Life, power and decree; knowledge about the knowledge of God; types of limits vis-à-vis polytheism; negation of time, place, and limitation for God; proximity, dimension, and kinds of limitation; body and form;
  • Ascension and veils of light; witnessing the Absolute and All-encompassing Light; the meaning of ‘Al-Samad’ (the Sublime) and ‘Kalimat Allah’ (Word of God); the Greatest Name (ism al-a‘zam) and ‘Asaf ibn Barkhiya’; meaning of nearness to God and ‘beside God’ (janb Allah);
  • Levels of felicity and wretchedness; knowledge of the Unseen; knowledge of the prophets and angels; creation of the prophets for prophethood; responsibility for sin; and memorization of 40 traditions.


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