Risalah Ma’rifat Allah


Sayyid Hasan Mustafawi, “Risalah Ma‘rifat Allah: An Exposition of Imam ‘Ali ibn Musa al-Rida’s (‘a) Sermon on the Gnosis of Allah,” trans. Mansoor Limba (, 2020).

Written by His Eminence ‘Allamah Hasan Mustafawi, who was himself a man of divine gnosis and mystical knowledge, this treatise is an unprecedentedly profound exposition of Imam ‘Ali ibn Musa al-Rida’s (‘a) unique sermon on subtle and esoteric points of the unity (tawhid) and gnosis (ma‘rifat) of Allah. Emanating from the station of sublime guardianship (wilayat al-kubra’), this sermon was delivered by the Imam as a response to the challenge posed by a group of oppositionists who had the evil intention and desire to dumbfound him and exhaust his argument on the subject.

Before embarking on the exposition of the noble sermon, the erudite author briefly mentions some essential introductory points on the life of Imam al-Rida (‘a), the references in transmitting the sermon; its chain of narration, the circumstances surrounding its recording, and the distinctive features of this treatise. After dividing the text of the sermon into 32 parts, he painstakingly explains each key word in each part first before translating it and giving his elegant exposition.

In the words of ‘Allamah Mustafawi himself, “This treatise is essential to all people of faith (iman) and (tawhid) for study and scrutiny. Everyone will benefit, according to his level of understanding, from these heavenly words and divine knowledge which emanated from the Source of bounty, the Alighting-place of revelation, and the Repository of knowledge and gnosis.”


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