Muslim Couple and Money

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Muslim Couple and Money: 8 Practical Financial Tips for Newlywed Muslim Couples

Many studies show that a great deal of marital conflicts and splits are money-related; either the lack of it or the improper use of it. The finding of these studies is corroborated by personal experience as well as experiences of couples very close to everyone.

Covering such topics as correct attitude toward financial wealth, marriage and money, money formula, income, savings and investment, expenses, and debt, this book, “Muslim Couple and Money” is a personal finance material that reveals 8 practical financial tips for newlywed Muslim couples to help them attain financial freedom and happy marriage.

3 reviews for Muslim Couple and Money

  1. Girlie Sarah Ali-Baraguir

    Thank you for the free book. Great author and professor. ☺️

  2. Mohamd A. Guintawan

    Highly appreciated

  3. Mohamid A. Guintawan

    Highly appreciated

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