Hijab and Mental Health


Author: ‘Abbas Rajabi
Translator: Mansoor Limba
Pages: 178

The issue of ḥijāb has been studied and investigated from various dimensions, and many books and articles have been written in this regard, but the psychological dimension of ḥijāb and its psychological effect upon the woman herself have been given less attention. By examining the role of ḥijāb in mental health, this book attempts to make a small step in addressing this need and to provide the teachers and cultural workers of society a new insight on the psychological effect of ḥijāb upon the women and girls.

In doing so, it is necessary to mention two points: Firstly, although in this research a field study is utilized, its theoretical and descriptive dimension is of great importance, and prevails over its field-based and practical dimension. In other words, in this research, the relationship between ḥijāb and mental health is more of a theoretical and description dimension. Even then, a field study shall be utilized so that scientific and experimental results could also be appended.

Secondly, considering the fact that first of all, anxiety is the foundation of many psychological problems and its absence can be considered to some extent a sign of mental health, and secondly, an experimental examination of the level of mental health is a difficult task as it requires a comprehensive investigation of a lot of components, in fieldwork a survey on anxiety shall be utilized in order to measure the basic part of mental health.




Statement of the Problem and Necessity for Research

Operational Definitions

Chapter 1: History of Ḥijāb

Chapter 2: The Innateness of Ḥijāb and Woman‟s Adornment Instinct

Chapter 3: The Relationship between Ḥijāb and the Woman’s Mental Health

Chapter 4: Mental Health and Anxiety

Chapter 5: Results of the Field Research

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