Light Moments in Vienna


This book – “Light Moments in Vienna” – contains selected anecdotes of my personal experience while undergoing a week-long KAICIID fellowship training in interreligious and intercultural dialogue in Vienna, Austria. The one-year fellowship is an online and offline learning and training program that empowers institutions by providing capacity-building skills to select teachers.

The first of the three weeks of residential trainings (Orientation and Capacity-building) dealt with orientation about the program, its design, and the intended deliverables, as well as teambuilding activities to enhance the Fellows’ understanding of interreligious dialogue and build their capacity as trainees, facilitators, and resource persons. The second week-long training delved into such topics as Dialogue Facilitation and Design, Intercultural Communication and Diversity, Initiative Design and Implementation, and Site Visits as a Pedagogical Tool.

Amidst the chilling winter  in Vienna at the third training and graduation ceremony, the then unparalleled gathering of almost 70 Fellows can be seen as a potential super rainbow in the world. In continuously hoping in the realm of both theory and practice, these peace ambassadors’ music is the Mozart of dialogue; their Burgtheater the theater of community reach-out; and their Hofburg the museum of shared experiences and common witnessing.


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