Risalah Liqa’ Allah


Penned by His Eminence ‘Allāmah Ḥasan Muṣṭafawī, who was himself a man of divine gnosis and knowledge, this valuable and precious treatise mystically guides the enthusiasts who are engaged in traversing the stations of mystical wayfaring and way of the truth and reality – station by station.

While elucidating in a classical, decisive and convincing manner all the phases, stages and stations from a spiritual perspective, the erudite author had the following ideas in mind:

  1. To quote divine verses [of the Qur’an] and sayings of the holy saints[awliyā] of God who are recipients of divine inspirations and treasuries of mystical knowledge;
  2. To explain the underlying concepts of those holy verses and noble traditions;
  3. To remind the faithful, nay everyone who is interested in spiritual perfection[kamāl] and bliss[sa‘ādah], of the truths and features of perfection and bliss;
  4. To deal with the salient features and manner of mystical wayfaring[sayr wa sulūk] and traversing the different phases [marāḥil] of perfectionso that the mystical wayfaring is done through a correct program, and thus, bear fruit;
  5. To shed light on the salient features and order of the stages[manāzil] of wayfaringso as to avoid straying, error, mistake, and deviation;
  6. To state the effects and signs of each of these stagesso that the wayfarer[sālik] himself could examine carefully and identify exactly the stages which he imagines to have traversed and the stage [manzil] he is currently treading; and
  7. To state the principles and fundamentals of the science of ethics[‘ilm al-akhlāq] as well as the essentials of divine knowledge[ma‘ārif-e ilāhī] to which every faithful needs to pay heed.


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