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Top Seller in August 2023

As it’s already the month of September, let me share with you ElziStyle Bookshop’s top seller in the previous month of August (Muharram-Safar), as it was last March as well: * Hasan Mustafawi, MISBAH AL-SHARI‘AH (LANTERN OF THE PATH), trans. Mansoor Limba, US$27.99, eBook, US$12 (regular price: US$18): Want a sneak peek of the book? Grab your FREE SAMPLE copy here: About the Book Unlocking the Spiritual Treasures of Islam In the rich tapestry of Islamic literature, there
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What is Liqa’ Allah?

‘Allāmah Ḥasan Muṣṭafawī, “RISĀLAH MA‘RIFAT ALLAH: A Treatise on the Stages of Mystical Wayfaring toward the Station of Beatific Vision,” trans. Mansoor Limba ( This is a treatise which deals with the salient features of the stages [manāzil] that lead toward the station [maqām] of Beatific Vision or meeting with Allah, the Glorious and Dignified [liqā’ Allāh ‘azza wa jall], and the effects and signs of each of these stages as well as the outcome of attaining the station of liqā’ Allāh.
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