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My Writing and Translation Journey in April 2022

As soon as I embarked on my current book writing – HOW TO SHARI’AH-COMPLIANTLY INVEST IN THE PHILIPPINE STOCK MARKET – on the first day of March, I had already mentioned that it will be resumed in May and to be finished in June, insha’ Allah ( Although ideally, writing should be done continuously without any interruption, I had no option because, firstly, this year’s Ramadan fell mostly in the month of April, and I have an ongoing long-term translation
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The Natural and the Moral Action

Now, in general, what is akhlāq or, in the expression of the Noble Messenger, akhlāq mukarramatī? From where should we begin? We have said that we shall begin from the admitted opinions and indisputable facts. For the meanwhile, we are not concerned with doubtful issues which one school of thought may regard as ‘moral’ while another school of thought may not regard the same as ‘moral’. What is certain is that most of the human actions are natural actions and
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