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Better Late Than Never

Let me confess to you something. As I was really, really engrossed with preparing the draft of my forthcoming book, ‘MBAYUKA TANU! to be sent to the reviewers, I totally didn’t find time to make this announcement yesterday (February 1 – World Hijab Day). Here is it: This book, REPLIES TO CRITIQUES OF THE BOOK ‘THE ISSUE OF HIJAB’ by Shahid Murtada Mutahhari, which is worth $9.99 in paperback ( you can now get its digital copy for… FREE. Yes,
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Mutahhari’s Replies to 5 Critiques on ‘The Issue of Hijab’

Text, page 382 Does Islam advocate women behind the veil, just as the word ḥijāb means “covering”? Or, does Islam advocate woman to cover her body in front of a stranger man without forcing her not to attend a gathering? And concerning the second case, what is the extent of the covering? Should the face and two hands up to the wrist be covered as well? Or, is it that the head and the two arms must be covered while
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Mutahhari’s Unabridged THE ISSUE OF HIJAB eBook to be Available SOON!

Salamun ‘alaykum!  I’m glad to share with you that with the onset of the month of Muharram, I’m so much engrossed with the translation of the remaining pages of Shahid Murtada Mutahhari’s “Mas’aleh-ye Hijab” (The Issue of Hijab).  Obviously, this book is NOT the same, and MUCH THICKER than, the one by the same author, which has been published many years ago under the title ON THE ISLAMIC HIJAB or ISLAMIC MODEST DRESS. Hopefully, THE ISSUE OF HIJAB will be published
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