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Which Title Do You Want to Read First?

Al-hamdulillah, ‘MBAYUKA TANU! MAGUINDANAON BAYUK TRANSCRIPTION, TRANSLATION, AND ANNOTATION is now available for purchase in both paperback and eBook formats: * ‘MBAYUKA TANU! in paperback at Amazon, * ‘MBAYUKA TANU! in eBook at ElziStyle Bookshop, By around February 28, insha’ Allah, it will also be available in paperback for distribution in the Philippines and some neighboring countries via Lazada, Now, below are the 3 titles in the pipeline – 1 authorship and 2 translations: * HOW TO
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What Does Grip of Allah (ḥujzat Allāh) Mean?

Translation    Al-Ḥasan al-Khazzāz narrated that Abū ’l-Ḥasan al-Riḍā (‘a) said, “On the Day of Resurrection, the Messenger of Allah (ṣ) will indeed hold onto the Grip of Allah (ḥujzat Allāh); we will hold onto the grip of our Prophet and our followers (shī‘ah) will hold onto our grip.” He (‘a) then said, “And the grip (ḥujzah) means light (nūr).” And he (‘a) said in another tradition, “It means holding onto the religion.” Tradition    عن الحسن الخَزّاز عن أبى
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What is Liqa’ Allah?

‘Allāmah Ḥasan Muṣṭafawī, “RISĀLAH MA‘RIFAT ALLAH: A Treatise on the Stages of Mystical Wayfaring toward the Station of Beatific Vision,” trans. Mansoor Limba ( This is a treatise which deals with the salient features of the stages [manāzil] that lead toward the station [maqām] of Beatific Vision or meeting with Allah, the Glorious and Dignified [liqā’ Allāh ‘azza wa jall], and the effects and signs of each of these stages as well as the outcome of attaining the station of liqā’ Allāh.
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