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Sansinukuban Off the Press Now!

At exactly 7:09 this morning, I received this photo from the printing house… …which means… SANSINUKUBAN 1 (INTERNATIONAL STUDIES FROM MINDANAO): TRAVERSING THE SPATIAL AND IDEATIONAL FRONTIERS is now off the press! As the official book series of the Ateneo de Davao University International Studies Department, SANSINUKUBAN serves as a platform for students to publish original research articles primarily derived from their thesis and inspired by their Mindanao positionality. Aiming to foster vibrant scholarly dialogue among them and promote interdisciplinary
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Sansinukuban 1 – Our 1st Publication This Year!

As an aspiring translator and author myself, I know well that every author’s ultimate dream is just to focus on WRITING and WRITING alone – and not to worry about anything else. This is exactly what this new conspiracy is all about. Under the unbeatable guidance of Captain John Harvey Gamas, the student-authors have already done their part; that is, writing the book. It’s ElziStyle Bookshop’s turn to do the rest – and all the challenges along the way. SANSINUKUBAN
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