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My Writing and Translation Journey in April 2022

As soon as I embarked on my current book writing – HOW TO SHARI’AH-COMPLIANTLY INVEST IN THE PHILIPPINE STOCK MARKET – on the first day of March, I had already mentioned that it will be resumed in May and to be finished in June, insha’ Allah ( Although ideally, writing should be done continuously without any interruption, I had no option because, firstly, this year’s Ramadan fell mostly in the month of April, and I have an ongoing long-term translation
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Dulangan, Not Bulangan!

February 27, 2022, Sunday, around 9 am. As we were passing by the crossroad leading to the Awang Airport, I asked my Roommate about the exact venue of the preparatory meeting we wanted to attend then for their clan’s grand reunion last March 26. She checked her mobile phone and replied in Filipino, “They said, at the covered court in front of the barangay hall of Dulangan (in Datu Odin Sinsuat Municipality).” And she immediately added, “Ano ba ‘yan! Kahit
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