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My Writing and Translation Journey in April 2022

As soon as I embarked on my current book writing – HOW TO SHARI’AH-COMPLIANTLY INVEST IN THE PHILIPPINE STOCK MARKET – on the first day of March, I had already mentioned that it will be resumed in May and to be finished in June, insha’ Allah ( Although ideally, writing should be done continuously without any interruption, I had no option because, firstly, this year’s Ramadan fell mostly in the month of April, and I have an ongoing long-term translation
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‘mBayuka Tanu! Available in Amazon Now!

Feb 13, Sun, 5:22 pm. As I was going over my schedule for this week, I received this message via Messenger: “I hope this does your work justice. Please revise as needed. Thank you again for the honor.:)” “Yes!” I spontaneously replied.   Yes, it’s the text of the Foreword I have been waiting for! Soon after… (1) I emailed the book manuscript and cover to the printing house for the final quotation, and (2) also uploaded the book in
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Let’s Listen to Spiderman

Since it’s #WorldReadAloudDay yesterday (February 2), let’s listen to Spiderman reading ‘aloud’ an excerpt from the PROLOGUE of my forthcoming book – to be released this month, insha’ Allah – ‘MBAYUKA TANU! MAGUINDANAON BAYUK TRANSCRIPTION, TRANSLATION, AND ANNOTATION, Of course, the footnotes are not included for obvious reasons. —– Since childhood, I have always been fascinated by oral elegance and verbal beauty. As a kid in the 1970s, I can still remember my late mother listening to the radio
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