Mutahhari is Mutahhari
The Making of a Thinker


This book provides you with :

  • A window to Murtada Mutahhari's personality and standing through the words of his teacher
  • Acquaintance with Sahifeh-ye Imam, the largest anthology of Imam Khomeini's speeches, messages, and letters
  • A glimpse of the history of Iran during the onset of the Islamic Revolution

Mansoor Limba is a writer, translator, university professor, chess trainer, and blogger. He is a PhD holder in International Relations and BA holder in Islamic Studies who writes and translates books (Persian into English and Filipino, English into Filipino) on such subjects as international politics, history, political philosophy, intra-faith and interfaith relations, cultural heritage, Islamic finance, jurisprudence (fiqh), scholastic theology (‘ilm al-kalam), Qur’anic sciences, hadith, ethics, and mysticism. Founder

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